Secondary Meeting

Attended by Ms. Fitria s. Passau (Program Director of Bimasena), Mrs. Hastin Damayanti (Assistant Program Director) and Mr. Emir Saleh (Chief Operation Officer), Mr. Doni Sundjoyo (Chief Music Production) take place in Cognac Lounge, Bimasena 2nd floor.

The Discussion has pointed out that the event shall be rolled out (time will be set on further discussion) and Indraprasta will start by providing the draft list of the necessary post that need to be created in connection with the events.

Several documentations has been provided by Bimasena and shall be upload in max of 24 hrs into the web

The Idea for Jazz Crowd In Bimasena

It all began by a informal discussion between Ms. Fitria A. Passau (Program Director of Bimasena) with Mr. Emir Saleh (Indraprasta, Chief Operation Officer), on the possibility to make the function named “JAZZ CROWD IN BIMASENA” rolled out once again.

The discussion got quite intense since Mr.  Emir Saleh is a Jazz Pianist and has a close connections with local Jazz Musician and Ms. Fitria Passau seen it as one of the function that bring more positive vibes to the existence of Bimasena.

By that both of them agreed to arrange another discussion for setting up the implementation process for the functions.