The name called Indraprasta, it is origin from the Mahabharata epic as a kingdom build by the Pendawa after being exiled into the forest for total of 13 years.  The kingdom of Indraprasta brings prosperity, wealth and happiness to all the people lived there. Indraprasta is the continuation from the previous Prasta legacies companies in mid 90’s

The management optimisms that Indraprasta will not only give values to a community but furthermore to the country  Indonesia. As a great country located in  Asia continent with the latitude and longitude for the country are 3.2591° S, 109.7028° E; with the touch of local wisdom, Indraprasta will provide you international standard services for your business needs.

We define our self as TechoArts company, in which the majority of our work is going to based on blending the technology and fine quality of arts. As our motto “TechnoArts Speaks Thousand Words”.

All of the pictures courtesy by the Indonesian photographers, as you may view it in our gallery.

For  IT Enabler and Consultant, Indraprasta has a joint operation with  Oxx Indonesia, CV., a startup company established in Jogjakarta. For Digiital Marketing Communications and Audio Video Productions, Indraprasta has a joint operation with Multi Karya Solusi, PT., in Jakarta.