Solution Approach

IT solution approach is like you are going to a tailor for a suit or dress. The tailor take your measurements and ask you what is you favorite style. Over the experienced, I divided the stages into 6 stages.


  1. User Requirement Gathering Stage
    Client expectation from the solution  need and features that would like to be available.
  2. User Requirement Analysis Stage
    Combining the requirement expectation with few parameters in concern such as time frame, features, technology usage, commercial value, etc.
  3. Solution Presentation Stage
    Present the propose solution in several  options, including any technical and commercial factors that arises.
  4. Commercial and Technical Agreement
    Client and Developer has a mutual perception, understanding of the solution and shall be proceed with the development stage.
  5. Development Stage
    Proceed with the agreed propose technical features of the solution, shall be maintain good communication if, there is a change of obsticle took place.
  6. Deliverable Stage
    Developer deliverable the solution and put the application for operation as planned.

There are many terms in software development. I try to put on a visualization just to illustrate to business process and there is no mandatory to use my definition


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