The Flag Has Been Raised & Set Sail

“Oooh no…I can’t do this….” it sounds classic for everybody isn’t it ?

I used to have those word crawling around in my brain, until another page in my life turned. Thursday July 13, 2017, I resigned from the company. With my age and the condition of the economic is in unstable one, somehow I know that it is not easy to look for a job. With that justification I decided to raise the flag of Prasta with name called Indraprasta.

As in my faith we say Allhamdulillah The Mighty ALLAH SWT has shown me the guided path for INDRAPRASTA to set sail with the core competence in IT and Multimedia. I defined it as being as TechnoArtspreneur

Looking at the word Never Limit Yourself, I just would like to share that if you want something and you have passion on doing it, just ask the Mighty ALLAH SWT or your God and just focus on doing it with your most outreach effort. Never think No I can’t handle it; This is to complicated for me. My point is get out from the comfort zone and reach what you really want.

Have a great one every body.

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